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     Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases


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> ELISA Test Kits

> Microplate Instruments: Personal Lab, NexGen Four...

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> Dengue Fever Diagnostics ELISA:  Panbio Dengue IgM

   Capture ELISA, Panbio Dengue IgG Capture ELISA, 

   Panbio Pan-E Dengue Early ELISA

> Others: Panbio Leptospira ELISA,

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> Parasitology: Mini Parasep feacal parasite


> Rapydtest for the detection of parasites...

> Urine Sedimentation Analysis & Electrophoresis


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Denka Seiken

> Latex Agglutination Test: MRSA Screen

> Antisera, Bacterial Antigens

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> Particle Agglutination Test:


> ESPLINE Series: Influenza A & B-N, TP, HIV

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> Inno-LiA HCV Score, Inno-LiA HIV I/II Score, Inno-LiA 

   ANA Update

> Inno-LiPA HBV Dr v2, Inno-LiPA HBV Genotyping

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Immuno-Mycologics, Inc

> Fungal Diagnostics System & Reagents

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> Practical & versatile products for hygiene control and

   environmental monitoring:

   Transwab®, Dryswab™, Polywipes™, Flexiswab™,


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> Infectious Diseases Diagnostics:                        

   ImmunoCard C. difficile GDH... MonoSpot latex for


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> Syphilis Diagnostics:

   Immutrep RPR, Immutrep USR, Immutrep

   Carbon Ag

> Microbial Antigen Tests: Avipath

> Serology Latex Tests Test: Avitex

> Rapid Tests: Visitect

> ELISA Tests: Pathozyme

> Micropath™ WWF Reagents

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Orion Diagnostica

> Urinary Tract Infection: Uricult, Uricult Plus

> Specific Protein Assay: Quikread go CRP

> Hygiene Monitoring: Hygicult, Easycult...

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